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Ray Williams Jhonson reviews 3 viral youtube videos twice a week since a few years. This massive video blog is hilarious for 2 main resons: – The cool vids. – Ray himself doing all kind of dumb comments and jokes. … Continue reading

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PUBLISHER: Blizzard YEAR: 2012 PLATFORM: PC After long years of waiting and forgetting a little bit about diablo 2, here comes diablo3… I must admit that I didn’t have much expectation for this third opus. The reason was mostly that … Continue reading

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pirhana 3dd

Director: Jhon Gulager Year: 2012 Pirhana, boobs, waterpark, boobs, david hasselhoff, boobs, blood, boobs, boobs ….. That is the entire plot and concept of the movie. In my opinion you’d rather separate your screen into 2 windows. On the left … Continue reading

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Superjail is a wierd cartoon experiement by Christy Karacas. It is graphically amazing and quite violent. It takes place in an experimental jail filled with strange characters. Each episode is very short and follows the same synopsis with a different … Continue reading

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My TOP 5 movies

I know people don’t really give a fuck about my opinions on cinema, but i was quite bored and i felt like giving it anyways: So here are the 5 movies i love the most #1 being the best and … Continue reading

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La meute

Year: 2010 Director: Franck Richard La meute is one of those movies you’d better not spoil by revealing too much of the plot. It is a French horror movie with great actors such as Yolande Moreau and Philippe Nahon. Those … Continue reading

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Tera closed beta first look

I was lucky to get into one of the close beta test week ends for Tera US. The game is developped by a Korean company called Bluehole studio. It has been released last year in Korea and the official US … Continue reading

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