YEAR: 2012


After long years of waiting and forgetting a little bit about diablo 2, here comes diablo3… I must admit that I didn’t have much expectation for this third opus. The reason was mostly that after those long years of wasting my life in MMORPGs I was not convinced that I could go for an outdated diablo grind. I resisted the 2 or 3 first weeks and wanted to go for tera. However, I finally gave up to the many calls and mails from friends stating that it was “OMFG so fucking good, you have to come…”

So I finally bought the game thinking I will give it a try for a few days. I was fucking wrong, the game is awesome, I don’t even plan on playing anything else in the near future, I have two capped chars and I’m using most of my free time farming gear like the retard I was many years ago on D2…


The graphics are awesome, the art direction is brilliant and the world. NPCs, monsters and bosses all feel coherent and epic. The blending of 3D and painting like backgrounds is awesome. Most spell effects are shinny and cool. It really feels like a modern game with an old diablo feel embedded.

The gear graphics seem a little bit weird at the beginning but the item sets get more and more awesome during progression.

There are many environments but the 3rd act beginning with the sieged castle is the most stunning in my opinion.


The music is nothing different from most games, but it’s clean and it has enough epicness for my test. The voice acting is quite cool and you even got the guy who plays the duck father of kungfu panda playing a funny character in act2.

When you encounter new monsters, you have “lore” NPCs that talk about the secrets and details of those creatures. It is a pretty cool addition that helps keep you immersed and interested.


Here comes the real fun. The combat in D3 are awesome. You have a real feeling of power. The characters react perfectly and it is way more complex than D2. You will not be able to run the dungeons clicking the same spell again and again. You will have to think and play with many spells to defeat your ennemies.

You can only have 6 spells active at the same time but it is well enough for a formidably fun gameplay. Even though some packs are hard you will always get the feeling of progression.


The build system is simple. You will be able to chose 6 spells from a list of around 20. Each of the skill have 5 exclusive rune to modify and enhence it. By choosing each spell and 1 rune per spell plus 3 passive skills, you will have endless possibilities.

So far there are no real cockie cutter builds. However, some spells seem to be mandatory at some points in HELL difficulty. Blizz has promised that they will finc\d a way for less used spells to be more attractive in the incoming patches.


Demon Hunter:

This is your traditional hunter with pew pew, traps and kitefest abilities. It has a cool feeling of using guns like in a Jhon Woo movie. Loved it.


It is a melee class with life regen, healing and buffing abilities. I would compare it to a paladin.


Tanky tank. Did not played one but mates told me it is quite awesome.


Mage style char with an emphasis on channeled powers and ray type spells.

Witch Doctor:

It’s the odd one of the bunch with really distinctive game play. Creatures summon and leeching abilities.


There are 4 levels of difficulty. The game caps at lvl60 which you usually get to in act 4 of level 3 difficulty. Then you’ll have to gear grind your way to level 4 difficulty (HELL). Blizz have not nerfed the difficulty yet, but, due to massive whinning of dumb people on the forum, they are already planning on making things more noob friendly in patch 1.03 (coming end of this month).

Besides some boss, the major difficulty comes from the blues. They are packs of mobs with affixes for special abilities like creating walls, extra health, teleporting… The number of affix depends on the level of dificulty (from 1 affix in normal difficulty to 4 affixes in HELL mode). It makes those packs of 3 mobs really hard when they have some combination of affixes.

The difficulty as it is now is pretty challenging but in my opinion, it is a good thing.


Nothing really special to be told here. You choose an act, you click to get in a group and you are automatically group with 3 other doods… Not great but efficient for endlessly run the butcher 🙂


Firstly, playing a solo game online is fucking retarded. Besides all the bla from blizz about reducing the cheat and dupes, we all know that it is done to slow the efforts from the crack teams to get a a D3 server replica. We’ll see how long it will last…

Secondly, the RMAH is a pure exemple of how greedy they got. Fuck that ! I personally strongly suggest players to not use the AH as it will lower down the fun of getting items by yourself and reducing the longevity of the game… It is like the difference from buying a fish burger and going to the see to fish it yourself (I know it’s a dumb analogy).


Diablo 3 is great. It is really a ton of fun and it is hard not to cave in and going hardcore 🙂

SCORE: 5/5

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