pirhana 3dd

Director: Jhon Gulager

Year: 2012

Pirhana, boobs, waterpark, boobs, david hasselhoff, boobs, blood, boobs, boobs ….. That is the entire plot and concept of the movie. In my opinion you’d rather separate your screen into 2 windows. On the left put some good old porn, on the right, put a killer fish movie and you will get better than what i just painfully watched.

The acting is extremely bad, the plot is heavily common, the whole filming is abysmal and to sum up, the whole movie struggles to make any sense.

Some movies are sometimes fun due to their inner badness. This piece of shit is just bad, without any flavour and painfull to watch.

Fuck that movie, that was a waste of my time.

SCORE: 1/5 

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