Superjail is a wierd cartoon experiement by Christy Karacas. It is graphically amazing and quite violent. It takes place in an experimental jail filled with strange characters. Each episode is very short and follows the same synopsis with a different back story each time.


The most stunning is the psychedelic artwork. Each frame is an intricate drawing. All those colourfull images are chained with a crazy fast rythm and it is fun to watch the episodes again and again and always find new things.


The series has now 2 seasons. The first one is totally crazy while the second one tries to give a little more in depth analysis of the characters.


I can only invite anyone to go check this great cartoons. Even though some people might find it ultra violent, i still think that the violence is blended in the crazyness which makes it extremely enjoyable.

SCORE = 4/5

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