My TOP 5 movies

I know people don’t really give a fuck about my opinions on cinema, but i was quite bored and i felt like giving it anyways:

So here are the 5 movies i love the most #1 being the best and #5 the not as best but still quite good…

#5 – Begotten: A wierd movie i recently discovered but that already striked me as one of the best shocking elegant nightmerish piece ever.

#4 – Dune: The one by David Lynch. Because i always loved the book, because Lynch is the best movie maker ever and simply because it’s a masterpiece.

#3 – Brazil: Terry Guilliam best movie. A tale that can still touch people in this time. Great and visually perfect from the beginning to the end.

#2 – the holy mountain: 12 disciples and one master takes a mystical journey to seek the truth. This psychedelic, symbolic and energetic roller coaster described by it’s director as an attempt to make a movies that transcripts the feeling of LSD.

#1 – Eraserhead: It’s hard to explain how awesome this movie is. Just watch it.

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