Tera closed beta first look

I was lucky to get into one of the close beta test week ends for Tera US. The game is developped by a Korean company called Bluehole studio. It has been released last year in Korea and the official US release is for the 1st of may.

I play extensively for the whole week end and tried several classes.


The first thing that stunned me was the graphics. Everything is sharp, bright, colored and very well animated. The technical side and the art direction are on top of what I have seen so far.

Technically, the game was developed using Unreal Engine in the same was as Aion used Cry Engine.

In order to get an idea, you can go check one of the many vids of gameplay, but to make it simple:

Graphics are incredible…


The big difference in this one is the aimed combat system. Basically, you have a aim on top of you char and you can’t select target. You have to aim for fighting, you need to blobk the attack actively and even use evasive moves to avoid attacks.

It is the same for healing, you have to aim at your mates to heal them. You have to place the healing circles at the right places and so on.

The max level char I played in beta was 20 and I did not have the chance to experience endgame. However, the combat system really differs from other MMO and seems really fun and chalenging. All we can do is hoping that it will stay this fun on the long run.


Humans: Basical humans… Not much to say here.

Aman: Big ass demonic style race. Can be many colors and shape, but basically keep a body builed massive demonic style.

Castanic: Japanese style androgenic tall and thin people with weird horns.

Baraka: Those look like stone people. They are tall and extremely stronly builded with short leg and massive torso. Pretty cool looking and original.

Popori: Hard to describe race of little fury humanoids. To make it more simple it’s like werewolfes in humanoid form except it is many types of cute animals: WereRabbits, WerePuppies, Werekitties, WereHamsters…

Elin: Little girls with animal ears like kitty, rabbit and some more. Extrely kawaiish and a little on the pedobear side of this style.

High elves: More classical manga style tall elves.


There are 8 classes in the game: archer, berserker, lancer, mystic, priest, slayer, sorcerer and warrior.

I personally only played a few:

Lancer: It’s a kind of tank that does massive damage with a lance and tank by blocking with a shield. It was pretty fun to play and felt really powerful.

Priest: Mainly healer, it can also does some range and AOE damage. It seems to have pretty tight mana regen.

Archer: Fast and sustain DPS class, good evasive maneuvers and fun gameplay.

Berserker: Slow and bursting damage with a giant axe. Can also use some form of blocks.


I tried the game on a PVP server. Starting lvl10 zone, all non village zones are open to PVP. Anyone can attack anyone regardless state or level. There was a lot of crying on general chat and quite a copious amount of ganking. However, I quite enjoyed as it added a level of danger and fun while leveling.

There is a system of “infamy” level that PVP get while attacking other players. It seems that it works a little bit the same as the sec status in EVE but a weekend was not long enough to check it out fully.

To sum up, the game seems really promising and I can;t wait for the servs to open again:

19-22 april = open beta.

28 april = early access for pre orders.

1 may = Game starts

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